Eiffel tower view room at Majestic Hotel-Spa

Awaken your senses in the heart of Paris, where Majestic Hotel-Spa reinvents luxury.

Luxury and breathtaking views: a unique experience

The Majestic Hotel-Spa, a 5-star hotel in Paris 16, boasts rooms with spectacular views of the Eiffel tower. Each room, a perfect fusion of comfort and elegance, promises an unforgettable stay in the City of Light.

A romantic retreat with a view

As a Paris 16 boutique hotel, the Majestic offers an intimate and refined atmosphere. The tastefully decorated rooms are an ideal retreat for couples looking for a romantic hotel in Paris.

Private terraces: Parisian luxury

Some rooms feature private terraces, offering breathtaking views of the Parisian rooftops and the Eiffel tower. These outdoor spaces are perfect for relaxing or dining for two.

Exceptional facilities and services

The Majestic Hotel-Spa doesn't just offer a beautiful view; it also offers a wide range of services. With its spa, restaurant-bar and wellness area, it caters to all your needs for a luxurious stay.

In the heart of the 16th arrondissement

Strategically located, the Majestic Hotel-Spa offers easy access to Paris's tourist attractions. Take advantage of your stay to explore the capital's cultural and historical wonders.

Book your magical stay

Enjoy a unique experience at the Majestic Hotel-Spa. Book your Eiffel tower-view room now and prepare to be amazed.

Every moment spent at the Majestic Hotel-Spa is a celebration of Parisian excellence and refinement.

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