Hotel with indoor pool in Paris, demand the ultimate luxury in the capital

When looking for an establishment that combines luxury and exceptionalism, there is one criterion that seems to be decisive: finding a hotel with an indoor pool in Paris. The luxury of the pool at the Majestic Hotel-Spa is a demonstration of the high standards of an establishment.

Hotel with swimming pool in Paris 16th, the insurance of a choice out of standards

The Majestic Hotel-Spa is the promise that you have just selected one of the most extraordinary hotels in the capital. Obviously, located in the 16th arrondissement, rue de la Pérouse, it is a 5 star hotel. But it is finally anecdotal compared to the quality of this hotel with indoor pool in Paris. First of all, it will surprise you by offering a classic atmosphere, so formidably in connection with the Haussmannian building itself. The other atmosphere is more contemporary, closer to today, offering high quality room facilities. But it's style that always comes first, no matter which rooms or suites you choose. Yet there is plenty of room to turn heads with these huge rooms. The smallest is already 25 m2, a true mark of luxury in Paris, while the largest suites alone take up the floor and terrace. Your hotel with heated indoor pool in Paris promises a great stay.

Hotel in Paris with spa and pool, the Majestic Hotel-Spa to surprise you

Being a hotel with an indoor swimming pool in Paris is proof that you are an out of the ordinary hotel in the capital. In a city where every inch counts, perhaps even more so in a prestigious district like this 16th arrondissement, it is proof that your comfort is the priority. The heated indoor pool is 14x5 meters, with a counter-current swimming system, so it's more than just a few swims you can do in a relaxing setting. The wellness center of this hotel in Paris with spa and swimming pool, is also a magnificent gym, equipped with recent technology, all in a setting of rare elegance for a fitness room. Located a few steps from the Champs Elysées and the Eiffel tower, this Majestic Hotel-Spa offers not only a wonderful setting but also an ideal starting point for visiting the most beautiful and prestigious places in the capital such as the Louvre, the Tuileries, the Opera, the Arc de Triomphe and everything else that makes Paris.

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