A hotel with a terrace in Paris, the privilege of the Majestic Hôtel-Spa

Even in the 16th arrondissement, not all hotels can boast such a privilege. And yet the Majestic Hôtel-Spa is indeed a hotel with a terrace in Paris. Push the doors of luxury.

Luxury suite and dream rooms, the program at the Majestic Hôtel-Spa

This hotel in Paris with private terrace is above all an incredible establishment. 5 stars, it is also and above all a boutique-hotel with a classic setting that amazes with its attention to detail, its artistic research, and the harmony of its colors and materials. No doubt about it, the Majestic Hotel-Spa is an incredible establishment. And who knows, if the classic style is not your style, the hotel surprises with its contemporary rooms which, in addition to the modern equipment, show the same attention to detail. Another major feature of this hotel with private terrace in Paris is the luxury suites. A whole floor, an integrated kitchenette, a huge living room, this hotel with terrace in Paris knows how to receive. In addition to the rooms and suites, we are obviously charmed by this modern fitness center, which also has a heated indoor pool.

Hotel with private terrace in Paris, the privilege of a romantic view

The roofs of Paris have always exerted a particular fascination. You will be able to verify it with this hotel with terrace in Paris. The terraces are accessible from the most beautiful suites of the Majestic Hotel-Spa and offer an extraordinary complement to the lounge. They are also a way to offer yourself a romantic moment, rising above the city, enjoying a qualitative furniture, while leaving the room. These rooms and suites are also equipped with a kitchenette, you will find there a way to be autonomous, to live together and only together for a stay or a weekend. So yes, staying in a luxury suite and then having a last drink on the private terrace is a privilege. The other privilege that the Majestic Hotel-Spa grants you is that of being able to discover all the mythical places of the capital without ever having to leave the hotel, as everything is so close by. To optimize your time in the capital, to make the most of it, it is an incredible asset.

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