Massage and Treatments

Experience Signature Massage of Luxurious Parisian Spa Matis at Villa Hotel Majestic

At MAJClub the Matis Spa combines nature and luxury

Our Paris Spa Hotel offers you a well-being retreat

The MAJClub is an upscale Paris spa offering outstanding treatments by MATIS.

MATIS and MATISPA- Professional brands with an expertise in treatments and products.

MATIS Experience

With MATIS, choose the facial treatments expertise

MATISPA Experience

This unique concept combines multisensory wellness and technology.

The interaction between the 5 senses will resonate, going further than a simple body treatment.
It will go deeper, touching the heart and the soul, creating a unique and unforgettable feeling.

Beyond the immediate well-being a body massage can provide, all visual, olfactory, tactile, auditory and gustatory senses will be stimulated in the matispa concept to reach the target objective of the chosen axis.
The treatment is more efficient by the stimulation of the 5 senses, by the fragrances, the active ingredients of the matispa products and the musical frequencies in order to fully enjoy and receive a treatment according to the desired benefit.

Matis Spa proposes a comprehensive menu of body and facial treatments

Matis, an international quality label, offers the following treatments:

  • For 74 years, Matis offers excellence and high quality products, based on exclusive protocol of skin diagnostic.
  • Wholly effective hand massage techniques.
  • Customized approach: the products used are chosen to suit the guest’s age and skin type.

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